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NEW YOGA class starting this Thursday in Exeter: POWER HOUR FLOW

Power Hour Flow is designed to be a powerful flowing 'vinyasa' style class. We have one hour to focus on 'release' and 'resource'.

The 'release' aspect will involve untangling physical, mental emotional knots, letting go of Stress and excess holding in the body. Whilst it is not a 'quick fix' practice, it should certainly provide a tangible boost to your energy levels, your immune system and you cardio-vascular fitness.

The 'resource' aspect will be in the form of energy boost, strength building and flexibility improvement. This is achieved by an intelligent sequencing of alignment savvy physical postures (asana), dynamic meditations which build discipline, determination and physical power and breathing techniques which optimise energy flow and whole body nourishment.

The intensity of the practice is tempered by guided support in your developing self-care, empowerment and responsible 'balanced action'.

Whilst this class is ideally suited to people who have a reasonable fitness level and who are relatively injury free, Keef is highly trained and able to support most people to participate within their evolving range of possibilities by offering alternative approaches.

If you are a seasoned practitioner looking to develop, try something new and learn to build an effective and intense short practice you will love this class!

If you are relative beginner looking for an intense practice to destress, build strength, fitness and flexibility, you will love this class!

If you are engaged in sporting activities and are looking for a strong, yet accessible practice to enhance your fitness and bring stimulating variety to your training programme, you will love this class!

Keef, brings 20 years of deep experience in many forms Yoga, Dance, shamanism and mind-body practices. He is a former county champion athlete and has a thorough grounding in anatomy, physiology, yoga therapy and dynamic meditations.

He brings a beautiful synergy of lightness and depth, playfulness and prayerfulness, integrity and rebelliousness.

Power Hour Flow Yoga Classes
Thursday 17.30-18.30
with Keef Miles

Suitable for all levels

NEW WEEKLY Level 1 Vinyasa Yoga  EXETER CLASS:
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Plymouth: Yoga Loft  11 Whimple Street,  PL1 2DH
Exeter: The Ashtanga Yoga Workhop, 7-9 KING STREET, EX1 1BQ

* NEW Weekly Movement Medicince Class in Exeter:

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

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