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"Keef Miles is a Bodyworker of extraordinary grace and integrity. His massage is both powerfully strong and supportively gentle; as he stretches and softens the muscles whilst challenging the emotions to surrender and release. Seldom have I experienced such an intense connected treatment on every level of my being. I cannot recommend his work highly enough." 
Sally Elsbury. Holistic Massage Practitioner. ITEC. MTI. Actress

Prana Motion Massage is a synergy of Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga Therapy techniques with a twist of Movement Medicine: a deeper transformational massage

Thai Yoga Massage is rooted in the northern style of traditional Thai Massage, which has evolved over many centuries in the Chang Mai province of Thailand. It is a sacred healing art with strong links to Thai medicine and Yoga

Thai Yoga Massage helps restore balance and harmony within your physical body, your energy field, your mind, emotions and spirit. It includes hands on techniques, assisted yoga postures and deep relaxation. It is practiced on a futon on the floor; fully clothed or with oils.

Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - even anxiety and depression.

The Prana Motion TRIPLE DELUXE:  
Prana Motion Yoga + PranaMotion Movement Medicine + Prana Motion Massage

"With a dedicated yoga practice I consider myself to have a good connection to body, awareness and energy. But sometimes I get stuck, feel rigid within the constraints of the yoga practice. focusing on the the alignment of the asana, the form rather than the feeling. Even within my creative and fluid Vinyasa Flow practice there are 'rules' to building Krama sequences, taking poses equally both sides and routines we fall in to. So it was an absolute revelation, blessing and joy to do a session with Keef Miles who has an innate healing gift and beautifully integrates Yoga, dance and Thai massage in an instinctual and organic free flowing way. Keef guides you in to a space of easeful breath and body where you feel supported to get lost in to the freedom of movement and tune in to your inner dancer. His poetic use of language and imagery lead you out of the thinking mind and into the energetic plane of your practice and the body /earth / heart connection. After a powerful yoga and dance moving meditation the body is warm, open and totally receptive to Keef's strong, deep yet highly sensitive blissful massage leaving you completely revitalised in mind, body and spirit. Highly recommend this, treat yourself your worth it!" Martha Heiland-Allen
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